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Online Registration System Features that are Powerful and Easy to Use

online registration systemUmbrella Registrations employs online registration system software that enables organizations to streamline operations, improve customer service and save money through the implementation of common data base applications.

Data bases are available to the organizer for downloading onto their own computers as Excel Files that can be manipulated to create reports, e-mails and other customized communication.

Our online registration system and payment process will eliminate the need for volunteers at the grass roots level and make data collection more accurate and much faster. This, in turn, makes the registration process more convenient for organizers and participants. The reliability and accuracy of online event registration will also ensure that insurance rates reflect the proper coverage at the most cost effective rates.

Onsite Online Registration System

You will also be able to register and process payments on site, from any virtual terminal before, on the day of an event, or after the event. Money is collected through PayPal and forwarded to your PayPal account (set up for your organization) which is deposited directly into your bank account. PayPal accepts Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express credit cards without having the purchaser apply for their own PayPal account.

Umbrella Registrations also provides many other resources depending on your individual needs. We can provide assistance in finding insurance, printing, advertising, domain registration, web design, awards, gifts and more.

Online Registration System Form Builder

The Online Registration System Form Builder allows you to create your own forms to capture all the information that is needed to complete the registration process. Besides the standard fields of Name, Address, Telephone, e-mail, etc., you can add up to 10 dynamic questions to get valuable information for your event or organization.

These dynamic questions will be customized by you. You can ask registrants for their shirt size, or they could choose from a list of colors or promotional gifts. Other potential questions can include, date selection, Yes/No answers, drop down menus, limited enrollment, deadline dates, and demographic information.

Report Manager

Submission Reports can be viewed and exported in CSV format (and saved as Excel files) for each registration entry, from a specified form. Fee Reports will show completed credit card processed amounts that are linked to registrations found within the submission report on a specifed form. They are also exported in CSV format and saved as Excel files.

Your own PayPal account with direct deposit into your own bank

We recommend using PayPal because they have created a safe, easy to use and most cost effective way for businesses and individuals to send and receive money through online event registration. When you set up your own PayPal account, your registrants or members will be able to pay online using their credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express), without having to set up a PayPal account for themselves. PayPal also charges the lowest merchant rates with no set up or monthly fees.

For more information about PayPal, click this link:

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